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The central body of executive power of Ukraine, whose activity is directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Is the main body in the system of central executive bodies on the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, the interests of society and the state from unlawful encroachments, fighting crime, protection of public order, ensuring public safety, road safety, protection and defense of particularly important state objects.
The central executive body that serves the society through the protection of human rights and freedoms, combating crime, maintaining public order and public safety. It is a central executive body whose activity is directed and coordinated by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in accordance with the law. Police activities are aimed at protecting the life, health, rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens, stateless persons; to counteract crime and to ensure public safety.
Special purpose law enforcement agency, which ensures the integrity of the state border of Ukraine and the protection of sovereign rights of Ukraine in its exceptional (maritime) economic zone. The department has protection against any attempts to illegally pass the state border of Ukraine, armed conflicts and other provocations at the border. This task is realized in conjunction with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations in repelling the invasion or attack on the territory of Ukraine of another state or a group of states.
Military formation with law enforcement functions, which is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and performs tasks for the protection of life, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine, society and state, protection of public order and ensuring public safety. Protects the state border, termination of terrorist activity, activities of illegal paramilitary or armed formations. Military unit 3077 is a state organization whose activities are concentrated in the field of public order and security.
The central executive body and military administration, which is under the control of the Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is the main body in the system of central executive bodies to ensure the implementation of state policy in the field of defense. The tasks of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine are to participate in the implementation of the state policy on defense and military construction, coordination of the activities of state and local self -government bodies for the preparation of the state for defense, as well as the control over the observance of legislation in the Armed Forces.
Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defense University of Ukraine
Military educational and scientific institution. The main activity of the university is the training of specialists with higher education for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations formed in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, as well as law enforcement agencies and the armed forces of foreign states. The National University of Defense of Ukraine is a leading higher military educational institution, where the future officer corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is formed by patriots and professionals-leaders, continuers of traditions of the national army.
The central executive authority, which manages and manages the solidarity system of compulsory state pension support, conducts the collection, accumulation and accounting of insurance premiums, assigns pensions and prepares documents for their payment, provides timely and in full funding and payment Special merit before Ukraine and other soc. payments. PFU provides stationary and remote services to insured persons and pensioners, controls the targeted use of funds.
State Geocadaster
State Service of Ukraine for geodesy, cartography and cadastre. The central body of executive power, whose activities are directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and which implements state policy in the field of topographical, geodetic and cartographic activity, land relations, land management, in the field of the State Land Cadastre, state supervision (control) in the agro-industrial complex in terms of compliance with land legislation, use and protection of land of all categories and forms of ownership, soil fertility.
An official body of independent external state financial control, which works on the basis of direct constitutional powers. The RPU exercises control on behalf of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the receipt of funds to the State Budget of Ukraine and their use. The Accounting Chamber consists of nine members who are appointed to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the basis of competitive selection for a term of 6 years. Today, there are 8 territorial departments, the competence of which extends to several regions.
JSC “Ukrainian railways”
Ukrainian national carrier of cargo and passengers. The purpose of the company is to meet the needs for safe and high -quality rail transportation, to ensure the efficient functioning and development of railway transport, to create conditions for improving the competitiveness of the industry, etc. The company provides 82 % of freight and almost 50 % of passenger transportation, which are carried out by all modes of transport. In terms of freight transportation, the Ukrainian railway ranks fourth on the Eurasian continent.
The main high-speed transport system of Kyiv. A type of urban transport that carries more than 1.5 million passengers of the metropolitan metropolis every day. The Kyiv metro is considered a symbol of the capital, its stations are objects of architectural and cultural heritage, and three of them - "Vokzalna", "Khreshchatyk" and "Arsenalna" - are monuments of Ukrainian architecture. Currently, the metro consists of three active lines with a total length of almost 70 kilometers and 52 active stations, the platforms of which are designed for five-car trains.
Joint -stock company, state -owned enterprise, the largest gas company in Central and Eastern Europe, which produces about 73 % of Ukrainian natural gas. It is a vertically integrated company with a closed cycle of production: it is engaged in the search and exploration of oil and gas fields, as well as the production, transportation, processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and the sale of petroleum products. The company operates in the territory of 12 regions of Ukraine and is one of the largest budget -forming enterprises of Ukraine.
The enterprise, which was created as part of the reform of the forest industry. It is responsible for protection, afforestation, reforestation and the whole complex of other functions, including harvesting and sale of wood. SE "Forests of Ukraine" has a central office in the city of Kyiv, 9 regional offices (+1 forest office in Crimea) and 150 branches (+14 temporarily occupied). The main priorities of the enterprise are preservation and reproduction of forests; tireless use of forest resources; high rates of profitability; support of the Army.
National Grain Market Operator of Ukraine, leader in the field of storage, processing, transshipment and export of grain. Created in 2010, PJSC “DPZU” is the most powerful state -owned vertical and integrated company in the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy. The company is determined by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food as a leading enterprise for negotiating and concluding grain supply contracts within all interstate agreements of Ukraine on grain purchase. The company has a network of branches in almost all regions of the country.
Ukraine Air Enterprise
The airline founded in 1997 to serve the highest state leadership. Subordinate to the State Administration of Affairs. It operates on the infrastructure of the Boryspil International Airport. Types of activity: organization, provision and execution of air transportation with special flights of higher officials and official delegations of Ukraine and other states within Ukraine and abroad. The enterprise carries out commercial activities at domestic and international airlines with a guaranteed level of safety and quality of service.
COMPANY SkyUp Airlines
Private air carrier, the first Ukrainian low cost. The Skyap Airline LLC was registered in Kiev in 2017. It works on a hybrid model-it performs charter flights and regular low-cost raisa. In 2018, the airline received a Certificate of Operator (AOC) and TCO certificate from the European Aviation Security Agency (EASA), which entitles to fly to EASA member countries-27 EU countries and four countries that are members of the European Free Trade Association. It is based at Boryspil Airport.
State Enterprise "Printing Combine" Ukraine "for the manufacture of securities
The Ukrainian enterprise is based on state property, belongs to the sphere of management of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and is a state commercial enterprise. The main activity is to ensure the realization of the economic interests of the state, to meet the needs of the population and economic entities of any form of ownership in the forms of documents that require the use of special elements of protection. For many years, the polygraph plant "Ukraine" has retained the position of the leader in the production of protected products.
State Enterprise "Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property" (Ukrpatent)
Institutional component of the state system of legal protection of intellectual property in Ukraine. A state -owned enterprise, which is responsible for conducting a formal and qualification examination of applications for industrial property (inventions, utility models, industrial designs, signs for goods and services, etc.) for compliance with the conditions of legal protection, makes a decision on the issuance of security documents, ensures the implementation state registration of industrial property and official publication of information about them.
Leading intergovernmental migration organization that cooperates with government, intergovernmental and non -governmental partners. IMO representation in Ukraine has existed since 1996. It cooperates closely with the Government of Ukraine and other partners - civil society, scientific institutions, private sector, migrants and diaspora associations, UN agencies, etc. to support humane, safe and orderly migration for the good of migrants and society. IOM provides political recommendations for building migration management in Ukraine.
Ukrainian Social Investment Fund
Ukrainian Social Investment Fund (USIF) is a non-profit organization established to support vulnerable groups of population and initiatives of territorial communities and non-governmental organizations. USIF Mission is to strengthen territorial communities’ capacities, improve conditions for providing basic social services, promote development of the social sphere and infrastructure of Ukraine. USIF is a reliable and predictable partner in effective use of international assistance funds intended for social needs with a focus on social infrastructure objects development.
AVA Group
A group of companies covering more than 13.8 % of the Ukrainian feed market. The company has more than 500 high -class specialists in different areas of livestock. The main areas of activity: production of finished feed for animals held on farms; auxiliary activity in animal husbandry; Wholesale trade in grain, untreated tobacco, seeds and feed for animals, trade in other machines and equipment. In the asset of the company: agroholdings, large and medium -sized farms in Ukraine and abroad.
Television content leader, which offers services for the organization and provision of television production process, is so beyond. He has extensive experience in shooting mass events (concerts, football matches, visiting officials, festivals, etc.). It is a production department that creates programs for group 1+1 media and adaptation of international formats for the group TV channels (talent shows, series, documentary and sports programs, information broadcasting). Production also works with external customers.
A modern universal financial institution that combines the professionalism of investment and banking with effective management of capital of enterprises and individuals and their quality banking services. The Bank was founded in 2008, provides a wide range of modern banking services to corporate clients and the population. The main tasks are to carry out a prudent credit and deposit policy, to avoid risky operations, to ensure the financial stability of the bank and to maintain guaranteed customer savings.
The Ukrainian Commercial Bank with private capital, founded one of the first in the country - in 1991. The central office and the bank branch were opened in Kyiv and Kyiv region. The Bank provides a full range of banking products and services for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and private clients. Among the exclusive proposals of the bank are individual bank safes in Kiev with a mode of operation 7 days a week. In addition, Asvio Bank JSC offers depository services and securities trading operations to its clients.
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