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Analytical Report “russian Cyber Operations” 2023

We would like to draw the attention of Ukrainian cybersecurity experts to the analytical report “russian cyber operations" H2 '2023 prepared by the specialists of the CERT-UA team, which operates as part of the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine.

We will analyze cyber threats to better understand the motives, capabilities and goals of Russian hackers and predict their actions in the future.

Among the main trends of the second half of 2023:

While the first half of 2023 was dominated by attempts to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise accounts, in the second half of the year we are seeing a shift to phishing attacks and attempts to infect the CSP. This is due to a significant decrease in the enemy's presence in networks, clearing of implants, installation and connection of sensors, and qualitative analysis of telemetry.


Financially motivated hacker groups also became more active against Ukrainian businesses and organizations. In the second half of 2023, 40% of reported incidents were related to theft of funds.

The most common primary compromise vectors were:

Given the current situation, the Cyber Center of the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine urges organizations to take professional help and use all necessary resources to ensure protection during martial law, including

Read more in the analytical report “russian cyber operations” H2'2023 «російські кібероперації» H2’2023

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