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Measures to maintain business energy efficiency

Attacks on Ukraine's energy sector facilities by the aggressor country often leave companies without power outages for various periods of time. Power outages increase the risk of emergencies, which in turn leads to technical malfunctions and breakdowns and forces organizations to unplanned suspensions of important business processes. 

We recommend taking early action to reduce the risk of damage to energy supply systems. 

The first step to maintaining the energy efficiency of your business is to conduct an internal energy audit of buildings, processes and systems. The next step is to implement a set of measures that will ensure the stable operation and safety of equipment. 

Here are some of the main steps:

Installation of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS):


Use of generators:

Automatic switching systems:

Preventive maintenance of equipment:

Voltage stabilizers:

Implementation of risk management policies and procedures:

Ensure physical protection of equipment:

Data and system backup:

Implementation of these measures will significantly reduce the risk of breakdowns and significantly increase the company's resilience to power outages in today's difficult conditions. 


You can get advice on how to ensure uninterrupted operation and increase the overall reliability of systems at enterprises of various levels by calling: +38(044)495-34-15 or by filling out the form on the website, in the CONTACTS section.

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