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Check Point CPX 2024 - cybersecurity with AI

Check Point Software Technologies organized a series of conferences, Check Point Experience 2024, where participants learned about the latest solutions and strategies in the cybersecurity industry. The global event attracted our attention as well, because in today's complex cyber threat landscape, organizations at all levels need to be armed with practical ideas to protect their security. Such innovative solutions were presented by Check Point at this event.

The main topic of CPX 2024 conference was a new challenge for users - the fifth generation of ultra-complex and ultra-destructive cyberattacks. The focus is on the emergence and active development of AI as a revolution and at the same time a danger of new cyber threats.
In the speeches, Check Point experts state that AI can indeed write a program that protects, but at the same time, a modern solution can also write software that attacks. Machine learning-enhanced attacks are becoming more and more effective.


Therefore, Check Point Software Technologies is actively working on the application of AI in its new products. The company's developers choose to use a collaborative platform with AI and cloud capabilities as the only solution.

2024 is primarily the year of AI implementation in Check Point solutions. ThreatCloud and the Infinity platform are technologies that now work together. Key attributes of the solutions:

Check Point Software Technologies plans to keep AI as a backend tool and move generative AI to the front-end and make it a partner of security teams. This will help to cope with various attack vectors. Quantum Force and CloudGuard protect the cloud, and Harmony protects the workspace. All these products work on the unified Infinity platform, which ensures cooperation and interaction between all products and this guarantees the highest level of threat prevention.


Announced Quantum Force, which is AI-enhanced, optimized, and has double the performance to allow customers to inspect their TLS and get the best results. 


The Quantum Force solution is a new family of products that is optimized for AI.  The new gateway will maximize the power of the cloud and AI with three large appliance families, including 10 models, for enterprises and data centers.


The unique hybrid approach to security can be provided by another important end-to-end security solution, Check Point Harmony: access to SaaS, data center, and cloud solutions.


In the last decade, business has also undergone a significant cloud transformation. Today, more than 90% of enterprises around the world have adopted the cloud. And Check Point CloudGard solutions help to eliminate problems along the way.

Thus, unified management helps improve productivity. A single console that can be used to manage security operations, a single console to monitor and hunt for threats. The company's approach to shared security has three levels. 

In addition to the well-known effective solutions, we would like to draw your attention to the new products announced by Check Point Software Technologies at CPX 2024:


Cyber threats are becoming more and more sophisticated, and they need to be combated. To summarize, all the technologies and products presented by Check Point Software Technologies at the conference have one common goal - to provide the best security. Undoubtedly, attacks can be prevented if you use the right approach, a platform approach and, above all, a threat prevention approach.


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