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Common APT threats: how hackers attacked users in Ukraine and Europe

We would like to inform you once again that Russian APT groups have become very active in Ukraine and EU countries, using data destruction programs and phishing emails to attack. Among the main targets of cybercriminals are organizations in the defense and energy sectors, as well as media companies. This is reported by ESET in a report reviewing the activity of APT groups from October 2022 to the end of March 2023. 

It is worth noting that APT groups are groups of highly skilled hackers. Their goal is to obtain confidential data of government agencies, high-ranking officials or strategic companies and avoid detection. Cybercriminal groups use sophisticated malicious tools and exploits using previously unknown vulnerabilities.


"ESET products protect users' systems from the malicious activity described in this report. The information provided is mostly based on ESET's own telemetry data, which has been verified by ESET researchers," comments Jean-Jan Boutin, chief researcher of the ESET laboratory.


APT groups that attacked Ukraine:

Attacks by APT groups are sophisticated and dangerous, so it is important to ensure maximum protection through a comprehensive approach. Companies should take care of strong device protection, namely:

In turn, Datastream collects detailed technical information, updates data on the activities of certain APT groups, and is ready to help relevant organizations choose solutions that can protect users, critical infrastructure, and other important assets from targeted cyberattacks. 


Datastream has been an official partner of ESET since 2013, has the status of "Top-Level Partner" and is authorized to supply solutions manufactured by ESET on the territory of Ukraine.


You can get a consultation on ESET products and order a pilot project for testing on our website, in the contacts section or by calling +38(044) 495-34-15

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