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Hardware from Check Point for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

In the third quarter of 2021, Datastream implemented a project to supply Check Point Network equipment within the scope of procurement for the needs of Military Unit No. 2428, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

After winning the competitive bidding process, Datastream became the provider of Check Point's SandBlast Appliance, a critical threat modeling, malware detection and network attack prevention hardware tool for the government agency.

It is important to note that this software and hardware complex meets the requirements of regulatory documents for technical information protection in the scope of functions specified in the document "State expertise on technical information protection of threat modeling devices, detection of malicious software and network attacks" Check Point SandBlast Appliances (TE100Х series , TE250X, TE1000X, TE2000X, TE2000X NRR)". It has a positive expert opinion of The State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine (SSSCIP)

The above -mentioned Check Point solution, which, thanks to its functionality, threat emulation and zero-day threat removal, will guarantee protection against targeted attacks and all possible dangers, and thus will be able to solve a number of tasks necessary for the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Also, within the framework of the requirements for this project, for the software and hardware of production of Check Point was conducted state sanitary and epidemiological examination, and a positive conclusion was obtained, according to which the object of examination is an internet screen (software and equipment with a routing function ) The Check Point series Te250X, meets the requirements of the current sanitary legislation of Ukraine and can be used in the stated field of use, namely in IT networks of enterprises and institutions for protection against cybercrime.

Datastream specialists regularly undergo Check Point training in order to increase the competence of technical specialists. In confirmation of qualification and high awareness in the product of a leader in the field of protection against cyber threats, in 2021 two important certificates were obtained: Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) and Check Poin Certified Security Expert Exper.


Datastream has successfully implemented this project and received a favorable response from Military Unit 2428, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The document states that our company has properly fulfilled the terms of the contract in compliance with the quality and terms of delivery of the goods.

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Check Point SandBlast Appliance, TE250X series – the product detects new malware hidden in 40 file types, including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, Java, Flash, files and archives; protects against targeted attacks of the OC Windows environment.

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