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Providing services for the supply of GFI Unlimited Software packages for the State company "Ukraine Air Enterprise"

In 2020, Datastream became a supplier of software produced by GFI Software within the scope of the needs of the Ukrainian State Enterprise

In particular, we are talking about the supply of software packages for Internet and intranet (e -mail) "GFI Unlimited Software" for 120 users with support for 12 months.

Datastream technicians regularly undergo certification. Having received theoretical knowledge and practical skills, our specialists are confidently used in working with real projects, professionally controlling all stages in the course of their implementation. Datastream Specialists Certificates indicate the qualification and high level of awareness of GFI Software.



As a confirmation of the successful implementation of the project, the Datastream company received a positive feedback from the customer, namely from Ukraine Air Enterprise, which refers to the proper fulfillment of all the terms of the Agreement with compliance with the quality and delivery terms of the goods.

For reference

GFI unlimited is a subscription to all GFI products, including GFI Languard, GFI Mailessentials, GFI Archiver, Kerio Control, Keerio Connect and others. Maximum version, with all options, updates and timely technical support.

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